Sunday, April 25, 2010


Okay, so there are 2 reasons I am posting: 1, to update everyone on whats going on, and 2, so ashlee will post about florida :)

There are lots of fun events coming up that I am looking forward to: Mariah's Graduation Party, Family Camp, SUMMER, etc. I'm hoping to spend some time with my grandparents, maybe for a week, which I love doing :)

Also, anyone who has NOT read The Last Song, needs to read it now! Ashlee let me borrow it (THANK YOU!) and it was amazing. I can't wait until I can go see the movie!

Nothing else really is going on that I know of course soon. I'm saving up as much as I can so my mom and I can have a 'girls night'. :)

Well, i guess that's really it (not much of an update) but now you know that I am still posting, and I'll post on my other blog soon once I get some pics that are good enough :)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Random Pics :)

AUGH I'm THE JOKER!! ( "Why so serious?")

Haha, had to post this, this is THE best sad face EVER!! ha!

This ones for Ashlee! ( remember that story u told me about katelyn? i took this on the way home from Progressive Dinner Night!! ha!)

Haha, buddy tried to get the last drop of milk in the cup lol :)

Buddy LOVES peanut butter :)

Buddy is a weird dog, just like a cat...he likes sleeping on the top of the up there all by himself too!!! ha!

THE END, ha!
KEK (Another post soon about CHRISTMAS! have a great christmas everyone!!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Progressive Dinner Night!!

Sorry its late, but i just haven't had the time!!! But Now here is a glimpse into our night!

The Adults!! (at aunt Lianne's talking)

Some cousins chattin' (aunt Lianne's still)

Beautiful Girls...



Haha, In the car watching the lights (tried taking pics of some but they didn't turn out well) in this picture...crisilee smiled for a pic but the flash was so bright it surprised her making her laugh..i still love this pic though, very cute!!

Ashlee! This picture is also in the car during the lights, but ashlee was prepared for the blinding flash!!

Reading a scary story in Crisilee's room! :)

Listening to the story...

Ashleeeeeeeeee!!!!!! :)

Crazy Cousins!! :)

Darby and me!! The pic wasn't taken right (my fault) but i love the look on darby's face! I had no idea she was doing that!!

At grandma and grandpa's house! We celebrated James and Beth's birthday!!

The pie was delicious!!

Present time!!

I think they got lots of stuff that they had asked for!!

Okay my hair is totally weird but yeah this is me and ashlee before i left...

I had SO MUCH FUN Friday, and I hope i can come next year! I also hope that Kenna and her family will be able to come next time too! There were more stuff that we did that i didn't take pictures of, like me and ashlee's funny show, which was super fun! (and funny :))
Hope the rest of school before break is great and for adults hope your days are great too!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Challenge for You

hey, if anyone out there that reads this would like a challenge, then heres one: Me and my mom, and beth, just finished a game of Scrabble. We used ALL the pieces, none left over. here's a pic of the board, and if you can name every word we used, I will be very impressed. :) But um...i don't think i can give you anything for it....except maybe an imaginary high five or something. :) Good Luck!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HEYYYYY again!

Okay so i think this will be the last HEYYY post, but idk. But as you might already know, i could not log onto my new blog. SO i had to do something, i love keeping that blog!! So i made a new one...but it has the same name, same backround, same everything, really. and i re-posted my last post. so now to see it, go to: that is my new blog, i am only posting on that one (i can't post on the other one..) so yeah, if you want to see my pictures, go to the address i just gave you...thanks!!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hey so I totally forgot to tell you guys, i have a new blog! So i guess me and kenna are the copy cats, we;re copying ashlee and it's really fun! It's all the pictures we take and stuff. Please check them out and comment!!!!
KEK (Known as K-ra** on her new one): (Creativity is a Must)
Kenna's: (Simply Genuine)
Ashlee's: (The way I see it)

PLEASE check them all out and comment!!!! THANKS!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

something funny 4 u!!

okay so these were taken in the summer a few months ago, but i think there really funny, so here ya go!!!

My sibs/cousins are midgets!!

hehe OH NO!!! hehehehehe

but there dad/uncle still loves them!!!! heehee

there ya goooo!! Have a great week/weekend!!